Thursday, November 25, 2010

Light Attack Craft Erithacus - part 8

Modelling the green stuff under the tail. Before:

Rivets (self-made with green stuff) help improving the final aspect.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catachan Sniper, fourth part

Ending the painting. Sniper gun and base.

Catachan sniper ultimated:

Catachan Sniper, third part

Start painting flesh. Two versions of face:
 The uniform...

Sticking the Vinavil leafs.  

Continue the painting...


Catachan Sniper, second part

Buiding the jungle leafs.

Sculpting with green stuff.

 Finish sculpting...

Catachan Sniper, first part

Here the model ultimated: a running Catachan Sniper (starting the post with the last pic):

The starting pieces. An old (and the best) Catachan miniature and some new plastic Imperial Guard stuff.
Building the sniper Lasgun.

Crossing a Dangerous Point, battle scene - third part

Sniper's aiming.

Last rifleman.

Details of houses.

Crossing a Dangerous Point, battle scene - second part

First rifleman.

Grenadier's crossing the dangerous point. He has grenade launcher behind lasgun.

Grenadier and sniper who covers him.