Monday, December 29, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 4: Veteran sniper

Second Lucifer Black conversion completed. You can see many of my Assault Company (that now belongs to Imperial Army and not to Astra Militarum...?).

Starting the conversion. After much thought, I decided that the special weapon of Lucifer Blacks is the sniper rifle. They are very technological bodyguards, other special weapons were not suitable.

Green stuff work completed. The open coat allows to see the armor below, on legs and knees. Because Lucifer Blacks wear Carapace armor.

Lucifer Black sniper is painted:
You can see his military rank is different from the Standard Bearer. This sniper could be a Corporal, the other Lucifer a Sergeant.

Update of the day after: the coats are different, so standard bearer Veteran needs a small renovation.
Now Lucifer Blacks look like better together.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 4: multilaser for Veterans

I take from the showcase four old Stormtrooper with the purpose to build one Veteran Sergeant, two Veterans with plasma guns and one with flamer. But after a while I realize that my assault force need heavy weapons. So I chose multilaser. It's original, the Astra Militarum version of Astartes assault cannon. It's a lighter version with four rotating barrels, taken from Sentinel.
I was inspired by the Solar Auxilia crewman with multilaser too. This one will be hand-carried by two Veterans.
Two riflemen with facial plastic.. because the saw has filed off half of their faces..
So here they are. I'm quite satisfied, I start painting them but...
... I don't like some things and It's not too late to take the cutter and the green stuff another time. I want this multilaser with both gunners stand up (the second will have both knees). The discarded Veteran soon becomes vox-operator. Then I take another old Beret Stormtrooper, I convert him heavily (change his legs with massive reconstruction) but I am still not convinced! Then I put in his hand a demolition charge and I take another Stormtrooper for the second try. This time, I like the result.
Then multilaser has some trouble. The bipod is useful at the end of the weapon, not in the center. I build two recoils that look like anti-aircraft machine gun of Pearl Arbour movie
Well, other seven Beret Stormtroopers are painted and combat ready! I consider them Veterans, so each squad counts ten men. Now I have ten and I'll make another ten.
Renovating these old miniatures is more difficult than I imagine, but conversion must go on...


Friday, November 7, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 3: standard bearer painted

Lucifer Black from Horus Heresy ready for war. Compared to the Catachan Sniper and Stormtrooper Sergeant he seems a little man...

Day one. I paint the standard with red and yellow-sand, to link it to Ancient Roman signa. I try the OSL effect from the the lanterns on the standard and I'm quite satisfied.

Day three. Standard completed. As you can see, Lucifer Black seems short but he's as high as old Perry Imperial Guard miniatures.
I have to find an anti shine matt varnish...

Day five: Lucifer Black completed? He's so dark and shiny that is very difficult making some good photos...
My Lucifer is black, he's a shadow under the Company Standard.
[Update 11/12/2014] Day ???: Lucifer Black renovated. He needs some new details on Company Standard. Blu patches with lightings are the link with Beret Stormtrooper (look at the first photo). The scabbard now is curved, because that must be a sabre scabbard. (I have to find a matt varnish...)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 2. Standard bearer conversion completed

Following the available background, I cover Lucifer Black's eyes. A strip of smooth plastic. I think now the helm is okay.
Then I shorten right arm, before too long, and over the vambraces armour you can see the sleeves rolled up (because under the coat there are still the carapace plates).
Only shoulder pads remain on the coat: background says on the left one there is military rank but I've already put it on helm...

For the standard, I try to recreate the Roman signa. I know, I know, now the standard is too adorned and too uniform. If circular elements are too similar toDwarf runes I can always say that were forged by Squat... They represent the planets/solar systems conquered. At the top of the abbreviation A.M.I.G. (which stands for... is easy). The alternatives were AMMO, ARMA, AMAT... at that moment I decided AMIG...
The flag has no references to Lucifer Blacks, so, again by assonance, I think about two lanterns, obtained by rolling a grid (the old hunter-killer missile?). The lanterns will be hanging from the eagle above.

Lucifer Black standard bearer conversion finally completed. Metal pieces on and under the base to ballast the miniature. Lanterns mean "now Lucifer Blacks guard the Regiment standard".


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lucifer Blacks conversion 1: starting the standard bearer

I start another hard conversion. Lucifer Blacks are one of the finest warrior of Imperial Army during Unification Wars. This regiment come from Ischian island of Terra, so they are linked to Italy. So they are my patriotic choice too.
I need a new Command Squad and Lucifer Blacks are the most required bodyguards during the Imperial Crusade. They are perfect.
They are described with:
- black velvet coats
- black Carapace Armour
- helms with black mask
- weapons: sabre and laspistol.
I have some Valhallian Ice Warriors (Chimera crew). They dress with long velvet coat and with a kind of helmet that's a bit similar to WW2 Italian Army helmet. The best candidates I have.

Lucifer Blacks have helms with black mask on the face. This is one problem. I like the helm that doesn't cover all the face, that shows or the eyes or the mouth. So I can (or I have to...) modify it in a second time. (Ork skull belongs to another secret conversion...)

Body conversion. That huge chain sword come from my 3rd edition Stormtrooper conversion. I need his two vambraces that can carry a standard. I've think to a hunting lance too..... I wanted to add other Carapace Armour plater, but there is no space. You can imagine that is under the coat. I build the downer part of the coat with plastic sprue pieces. Then I've carved them with cutter. Gun holster and scabbard help me covering some holes. The second gun holster belongs to another secret conversion.

I like the idea to self-made my standard with metal stripes from old sprue. There are a Bretonnian lance and a plate from old metal Sentinel with eagle.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catachan Land Sharks 1: Standard Bearer updated

Another quick renovation. This Catachan Veteran standard bearer of my Land Sharks has been converted in a hurry for a tournament, many years ago. He can be seen from different angles here. I was never convinced by the head and torso. The first is bad carved (without forehead and with a ridiculous hair crest), the second is hypertrophic and disproportionate to the arms (pieces from different kits).

Graphics helps me imaging Catachan standard bearer with the bandana and the left arm moved in a more natural position. The bandolier would serve to support the shoulder pate, and also gave him the air of a seven seas buccaneer... On the other hand this is one of the Land Sharks.

Renovation of the miniature, or second conversion... A bigger blade and a carving work on his back. I also filed down the pectorals too pumped. No bandolier at the end, but a leather cuff and a narrow shoulder plate hooked. All this is important because the right shoulder is a critical point: it has to be covered...

Painting completed. I saved the tattoo on his left shoulder. Red bandana and not white one like the whole Catachan platoon command... because before I was wrong, white bandana is wrong. All Catachans must have red bandana for their blood oath.

Catachan Land Sharks - part 2

Friday, August 15, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion part 3

Two beret veteran squads
My new objective is two full operative squads of Veterans with beret. All black like BOPE, with three special weapons for squad.
The red line marks the point of no return. Behind this I have to use three Guards from the battle scene.
Plan changes, just a little: beret stormtrooper kneeling will not be the sniper, wounded one will.
Let start with the first two, those with red berets.

I have differentiated two same poses by changing the right arm (with binoculars) to the first and the left arm (with the handset of the vox) to the second. The job is more difficult for the vox-operator: I had to build from scratch some parts of the backpack, carving small pieces of plastic.

Now I have to think seriously about the painting. I will resume stormtroppers colour scheme, so uniforms and berets will remain black, with highlight less remarked. Pinkish gray for backpacks (these men have armoured backs and nothing else) and dark pale green for combat jackets

Three brave men completed! Here my tutorial to paint the skin.
I would call them Lucifer Blacks, but Horus Heresy novel's soldiers don't dress in this way. In any case, my beret veterans can belong to pre-heresy Imperial Army, now that Militarum Tempestus looks like so different.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Tutorial: painting Imperial Guard skin

Many blog readers ask to me how do I paint the skin tone, because it seems so soft. I can share my technique painting three Beret Stormtroopers conversions.
I use non-GW colours, but it's not difficult to understand the corresponding GW ones. Colours diluted!
Here the tutorial.
I start with a black wash to cover all the difficult point of miniatures. Note that this is the only wash I use...
Then a layer with a brown that tends to red (can I define it bestial brown?)
The same brown blended with "dwarf flesh" to paint another layer, avoiding deepest recesses (between fingers, mouth...).

Once again black to refine eyes and edges.
Now the highlights. I repeat: diluted colurs!!
First "dwarf flesh" and then "dwarf flesh" blended with "elf flesh".

So the skin tone I use is very easy: a sequence of highlights with diluted colours. If we do a mistake we can correct it with the previous diluted colour.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pics from the front 1: starring stormtroopers

Old stormtroopers pride. Now my 3rd edition Stormtrooper conversions are ready, and armoured Chimera too, so I can take some nice photos.
Compare these miniature with the new Scions... I prefer these ones. They are smaller, more compact, they have a more modern concept (aka the super soldier).

Stortroopers desembark from Soldier Termite aircraft. This photo is the best I've, but the armoured air-carrier isn't still upgraded.

In the following photos, Soldier Termite is upgraded, but ppics are worse...
The ruins are modular, plaster cast.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 2: selfmade beret stormtrooper

My Beret Stormtrooper build from scratch goes on. It's time to build his meltagun. Self-made, there is a shot-gun (and left hand) from an old metal Space Marine Scout, a Cadian plastic arm and so on.  
On the base weo epaulette and one heel of left boot ready to add.

Carving bolt patch on his shoulder with the cutter, from a plastic sprue. This operation need much patience.
I will attach a number 2 on the second patch.

Building complete. With plastic scratch I make epaulette, left shoulder, a pair of ammunition cases, the pocket on his right leg and his right knee too. The canteen and the backpack are very useful to cover damages on the miniature:

Finally, green stuff work completed.
Note the new (green) nose. A drop of white clue to increase the beret edge.
Now I have to think about the colour scheme. Meanwhile, I can go on with other two beret stormtroopers...


Monday, March 31, 2014

Beret Stormtroopers conversion 1: selfmade beret stormtrooper

Scions miniatures cause a little disillusion in myself. I hope they were much better, but so they are the right incentive to build and customize a personal Beret Stormtrooper. A selfmade miniature. This is merely a part of a bigger project: make two entire squads of old original Stormtroopers with berets. Many miniatures are ready, some need conversion and one I have to build with my hands. This one.

Building miniature from scratch
Starting miniature is a old metal Demolisher crewman (ruined) and much smaller pieces. My Beret Stormtrooper will be equipped with a meltagun an he wil be on bended knee (it's the ideal position if you ambush a tank).
I carve the metal around his head with my faithful cutter (this operation requires much attention).

After putting together three pieces of metal legs and the body, I can compare my trooper with an other conversion to value the right body height and proportion.
Note the tiny double eagle on his beret. I cut it from a metal lasgun.

His weapon covers well damages of the miniature, as those in his face, helping me in the sculpture with green stuff.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Upgrading Soldier Termite aircraft 2: recycling plastic sprue

Next two main conversions to upgrade my Imperial Guard assault carrier, in two photo-sequences:
Completing the interior and the ramp is the first main restylig of my Imperial Guard Soldier Termite. Gunner now has a safety belt. Renewed seat have safety belts too. Ammunition boxes, two more small seats, a bottom to open the ramp and other details enrich the interior. Ramp need two piston to open... You can also see the big black rivets on the edges, they help reinforcing the hull and uniforming the nose with the tail.
How to recycle plastic sprue... Inferior hull ot Soldier Termite needs something to fill many gaps. Plastic sprue pieces are very useful to avoid wasting green stuff. Now a tangle of pipes adorns the hull and the landing gears. So Soldier Termite doesn't look like other Imperial Guard vehicles, but it's not a standard Imperial Guard vehicle, it uses a non-standard tecnology.

More details
Aquila insigna needs a conversion, too! It's easy: cut one head and one wing and reposition them to get a look more aggressive!
Original Snowspider's guns are... find them! It's not easy, they are hidden. Almost all Snowspider components still remain in my Soldier Termite aircraft. I've replaced them with auxilary drills, those help ramming. Rivets and a periscope on the canopy.
Completing the tail (with a tangle of pipes...) and the thrust vectoring rozzles.

Closed ramp has two sponsons for hot-shot lasguns of embarked Stormtroopers.
Soldier Termite conversion completed...

Now I repaint it...
Technical details included (enlarge the pic). I've kept original colour scheme. Only pilot and gunner's visors and something else has changed. 
Finally, Soldier Termite is full upgraded!

Better pics in the future...

Part 1 - Upgrading Soldier Termite aircraft - Part 3