Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stormtroopers conversion 1: the project

Close combat weapon to Imperial Guard Stormtroopers...
I've done a great mistake. A very hard conversion to build a strange Stormtrooper squad, with close combat weapon... (it was an option of old 3rd edition codex) And the Sergeant has an Eviscerator. Absurd.
May they be good for an Inquisitor retinuee? I don't know, but I'm sure that these Stormtroopers are wrong for the Imperial Guard. They need a second conversion, they need their hotshot lasguns. So...

The new two Stormtrooper squads:
Stormtroopers squad with plasma guns
Stormtroopers squad with melta guns
I draw the project. I still have the original pieces of the hotshot lasgun that I'll complete with plastic bolter.
Rules to follow:
  • all Stormtroopers must have guns, Sergeants too
  • every single Stormtrooper must be different from others
  • minimize the damage to miniatures.

Building the hot-shot lasgun:
It's not easy, but the first is almost completed, it need some green stuff. It belongs to plasma squad Sergeant.

Binocular to cover Stormtrooper face:
One of the Imperial Guard Stormtrooper has a horrible face. So I could cover it with a binocular or a telescope...


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